FAQs - Advanced Fulvic

What is fulvic acid?

Fulvic acids are a family of naturally-occuring organic acids, natural compounds, and components of humus (which is a fraction of soil organic matter). Fulvic acid is created under the influence of trillions of useful microbes, working on the decay of plant matter in a soil environment. Fulvic acids cannot be readily synthesized in the laboratory because of their extremely complex nature.

What is humic acid?

Humic acids are another family of naturally-occuring organic acids, natural compounds, and components of humus, also produced by useful microbes in soil. Humic acids also cannot be readily synthesized in the laboratory because of their extremely complex nature.

What are the ingredients in Advanced Fulvic?

Advanced Fulvic/Humic contains over 70 naturally occurring fulvic and humic acids, minerals, trace elements, trace amino acids, and antioxidants disperse in purified water.

Does Advanced Fulvic Support Detoxification?

Fulvic and humic acids have a unique ability to chelate molecules rendering them harmless. Fulvic and humic acid complexes are then removed from the body through the digestive system and urinary tract.

How does Advanced Fulvic support the absorption of minerals?

Fulvic and Humic acids are also capable of delivering essential trace nutrients to the body and into cells. Because they are naturally complexed with essential trace nutrients, fulvic and humic acids can act as a transporter of these nutrients. Much like other detox products they can exchange weaker bound trace nutrients for tighter bound toxic material that can be subsequently transported away.

Does Fulvic Acid control or eliminate Free Radicals?

Free radicals constantly bombard us in our toxic environment from things like polluted air, poor eating choices, and other toxins. Free radicals cause progressive damage resulting in the functional decline that defines aging. In addition, free radicals also occur naturally as part of our cell metabolism that creates waste within the cell. The presence of antioxidants helps neutralize free radicals and remove them from the cells. When systems are in balance, the production and management of free radicals proceed as nature intended. The only way to counteract the effects of free radicals on cells is by eating foods rich in antioxidants or supplementing our diets with antioxidant products such as Fulvic/Humic Acid.

What makes Coseva Advanced Fulvic/Humic acid better than the competition?
  • Advanced Fulvic/Humic is formulated to maximize effectiveness, potency, and range of benefits. Our formula contains both free form fulvic and humic acids as well as chelated forms with over 70 trace micronutrients in the formula. The two forms complement each other.
  • The fulvic and humic acids in Advanced Fulvic/Humic are concentrated via advanced residual-free extraction methods that preserve the micronutrient balance found naturally.
  • Advanced Fulvic/Humic is produced using stringent process controls for product consistency, safety, and purity. In addition, each production batch is third-party tested.
  • Like all of our products, Advanced Fulvic/Humic is backed by the Coseva Purity Promise and a money-back guarantee.
How do you know you have both free-form and fulvate forms of fulvic acid in your products?

Advanced Fulvic/Humic contains both the free-form and the chelated-form (fulvates and humates) bound to minerals.  This is tested using a standardized method in a 3rd party laboratory prior to product manufacture. The gold standard is the Lamar Method. The LAMAR method established an accurate and reliable way to quantify HA and FA in raw ores and products. The insoluble material is removed from the alkaline dissolved HA and FA material resulting in the accurate quantification of fulvic and humic acid. Some testing methods, such as Colorimetric, lump other naturally occurring constituents into the fulvic acid reading (like carbohydrates), resulting in a high but very misleading fulvic acid quantity. Both forms (fulvic and fulvate, humic and humate) are biologically available for the chelation and subsequent transport of other nutrients, such as the organic, amino acids, and flavonoids in our formula, as well as those nutrients obtained from our diet. In layman terms, proportionally, Advanced Fulvic/Humic has more fulvic acid than what is attached to minerals. This is tremendously beneficial to the body.

How much should I take?

Suggested Use: Take once daily by mixing 1mL with 16 ounces of non-chlorinated water or your favorite beverage.

Can anyone take Advanced Fulvic?

We recommend people consult with their healthcare provider if they are under the age of 13, if they are pregnant, have any compromising health conditions, are taking any medications or treatments that may be compromised by dietary supplements.

What's the difference between fulvic acid from lignite, Leonardite, or brown coal?

Companies that source their fulvic acid from a by-product of coal, such as lignite, Leonardite, or brown coal, capitalize on the benefits known about fulvic without providing a quality source of fulvic acid and fulvic trace minerals. For example, a Leonardite or lignite product is very low in trace minerals and fulvic acid, as demonstrated by an elemental lab analysis and the standardized fulvic quantification method known as the LAMAR method.

What is the source, organic or inorganic?

The source of fulvic and humic acids found in Advanced Fulvic/Humic is organic because it is straight from the earth, a complex of microbially processed ancient marine life and ancient fresh water and plant life. By definition, this material is organic and is handled using methods compatible with the Organic designation.

What is the source of our fulvic acid and trace minerals?

We source our trace minerals and fulvic acid from a prehistoric compost deposit in the United States of America.

Has Advanced Fulvic been irradiated?

Our Quality Assurance policies strictly forbid irradiation of our products. Therefore, our products are not exposed to radiation of any kind.

What is the Uranium level in Advanced Fulvic?

Our third-party lab testing shows an undetectable amount of uranium in our products.

Does humate contain heavy metals – Arsenic, Aluminum, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury?

These heavy metals are present throughout our environment in trace quantities, including in fruits, vegetables, grains, and the worldwide food supply. The problem occurs when a person’s daily intake exceeds that of the safe levels over an extended time. Safe levels are set by scientific regulatory bodies like the EPA and FDA. If you eat food on this planet, you will ingest these heavy metals to some degree. There may be indications that some of these have a physical benefit in trace amounts, but more scientific research needs to be conducted. 

Advanced Fulvic/Humic contains trace elements at concentrations far below the regulatory upper limits for daily intake.

The USDA Organic certification qualifies a grown product such as crops and animals as organic in which the process by which that plant or animal is grown or raised follows stringent guidelines of non-toxic fertilizers, pest control, harvesting, and feed products. Since the source of fulvic and humic acids is ancient, and trace minerals are not grown or raised, the Department of Agriculture does not certify them in this category.



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