I was in high school when things started to go downhill.
I was only 14 years old, yet I was suffering from a myriad of symptoms - severe fatigue, memory problems, brain fog, numbness and tingling, muscle spasms, cognitive dysfunction, speech and swallowing problems and severe anxiety and depression.
I battled with these symptoms for many years to follow.
Fast forward to 2012 - I had completed my Higher School Certificate (HSC) and embarked on my studies to become a solicitor.
It was extremely stressful. Things started to go downhill really quickly.
While my fatigue was deemed as my benchmark “normal”, I started to get even more tired even faster.  It became even more difficult to understand simple things. I struggled to maintain relationships and friendships due to my mental health. I slowly started to lose my balance, and then hope.
The significant year was 2015.
Too many courses of antibiotics for enlarged tonsils, visits to too many specialists to even list and an extensive amount of jargon bombardment that is too complex for any 20 year old to understand later, ultimately led to a tonsillectomy and an initial diagnosis of Optic Neuritis followed by an ultimate diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.
You could say I was somewhat relieved.
The next year was a blur - though I do remember graduating from a Bachelor of Laws and starting to practise as a Solicitor.
The next significant year was 2018. I stopped victimising myself and begun the second wave of my journey - the journey of empowerment.
I spent a lot of time researching.
That’s when I had an a-ha moment. A very big one, might I add.
I started to make changes - lots of them.
Things started to change, but I knew I could still feel A LOT better.
It was mid 2019 when I came across a product that detoxes heavy metals from your body, enabling you to function as you are supposed to.
I was immediately intrigued.
That’s when the third wave of my journey begun.
After doing my own independent research of heavy metals, their inevitable prevalence in our society and their link to Multiple Sclerosis (specifically Mercury and Gadolinium - this is the active chemical in a contrast dye many of us are too familiar with) - I purchased a bottle of this certain product.
I religiously used this product for just over a year.
That’s when I discovered its potential and the need for its exposure so that others can reap the same benefits that I have.
I was no longer tired.
My ability to concentrate improved drastically.
I was dealing with many subconscious traumas (yes - more a-ha moments!).
I was sleeping better.
I was dreaming more.
My memory improved.
I begun to excel in my profession.
My speech no longer slurred.
I was an overall more tolerable person.
This led to my relationships improving.
An alleviation of my anxiety.
And a realisation that practising as a Solicitor no longer served me, even though I was still very early on in my career.
Despite this,  I felt empowered.
Empowered to embark on the fourth and final wave of a new journey -
To share my story on how this product - Coseva’s Advanced TRS, has helped me on my journey, so that it can help others too.


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